Mitel Migration Project Plan

This is a summary of how your branch will be converted to the new Cloud based version of Mitel


This affects every branch and every user in Cole. The entire company is converting to a new version of Mitel.
The new version is hosted by Mitel over the cloud. So we are calling the new version of Mitel... "Mitel Cloud".

Project Hilights

When the project is completed, the phones and Mitel client will work very similar to the way it does today, except you will not have hardware
at your branch anymore for the phone system. It will be completely cloud based.

                    shoretel box

Step 1: Your branch will receive new hardware to replace the 200 series phones that look like the image below:

                    Old Mitel Phone

                    If your phone is the 400 series phone as shown below, we will not need to replace them.

                    Old Mitel Phone

                    Your new phone ( 6920 Series ) will look like this image below :

                    New Mitel Phone

When you receive the new hardware, set it aside. It is critical you do not plug it in before you are told to. This could damage the new phones.

Step 2: We will contact the Branch Managers that he is actively working to move your branch to the Mitel cloud.

Step 3: We will contact the the Telco for your branch to port the phone service to Mitel.

Step 4: The Telco will contact us that migration has been approved. Once it has been approved from the existing telco, we will have a limited time to enact it, so speed will be necessary.

Step 5: We will work with Mitel cloud to port the numbers, and contact you about plugging in the new phones.

Step 6: We will train you on how to use the Virtual Fax machine.

Step 7: People who do not have their own phone numbers now will be given new ones. If your staff have been given a new number, they need to go to the company phone list
          (using their Intranet ID and PW), and update it with their new number.